5 Simple Pop-Ups You Can Use to Convert Visitors Into Customers for Your E-commerce Brand

Understand what are Pop-Ups and how you can use them to get new leads for your brand!

September 26, 2023

What Are Pop-Ups?

If you're running an e-commerce business, think of pop-ups as your virtual store greeters with a dash of marketing magic. These are those little windows that suddenly pop up on your website, like a surprise guest at a party.

Imagine this:
a visitor is casually browsing your online store, and voilà, a friendly pop-up appears saying something like, "Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll give you 10% off your first purchase!" It's like a digital icebreaker!

Pop-ups do more than just wave hello. They can be your marketing sidekicks. They might offer discounts, show off new arrivals, or even ask for opinions. Essentially, they're there to make your visitors' shopping experience more valuable, engaging, and meaningful.

So, as someone in the e-commerce world, don't think of pop-ups as party crashers; think of them as your secret weapon to boost sales and connect with your customers in a valuable and interactive way.

Why Pop-Ups Are CRUCIAL For Your eCommerce Brand

While some newer business owners bash pop-ups, saying things like “they seem spammy”, “they disrupt the user experience”, or “I’m worried our bounce rate will increase”. The successful e-commerce businesses, that make over 7 figures think otherwise.

They understand that pop-ups are a great way to convert visitors into leads, increase the likelihood of visitors making purchases, and grow your email list.

You see, even the numbers prove just how effective pop-ups are. On average pop-ups usually convert AT LEAST 5% of website visitors into email subscribers/leads.

That means, if you have 5000 website visitors, you should be bringing in 250 new leads (at minimum).

Speaking about email lists, If you’re struggling with growing yours we recommend you take a look at this: 5 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways To Grow Your Email and SMS List In 2023.

Now that you understand just how important having pop-ups is, it’s time you check out what high-converting ones look like so that you can also use them for your own business and reap the rewards!

Five Examples of High-Converting Pop-Ups (That You Can Use)

1. Lead Magnet

Popups can be a valuable tool for growing your email list. By politely asking for visitors' email addresses and offering something back in return, popups enable businesses to connect directly with their audience and build a more personal relationship.

Direct communication can be used to share important updates, exclusive offers, and engaging content, keeping subscribers informed and engaged.

Here’s how INERGIZE uses pop-ups:

By offering a discount and a bonus gift in exchange for visitors' email addresses, INERGIZE grows its email list and strengthens relationships with its customers.

Combining a discount with a bonus gift in a popup is a highly effective strategy for strengthening leads and driving customer engagement. This dynamic duo creates a compelling value proposition that not only captures the visitor's attention but also encourages immediate action.

The discount serves as an incentive, enticing potential customers to make a purchase or take a desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter. Simultaneously, the bonus gift adds an element of surprise and delight, making the deal even more irresistible. It not only offers immediate gratification but also showcases your brand's generosity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What sets this approach apart is its ability to not just attract leads but also nurture them into loyal customers. By providing an extra incentive through the bonus gift, you're increasing the likelihood of conversions and creating a positive image of your brand.

Customers feel appreciated and valued, creating a stronger bond that extends beyond the initial transaction. This kind of relationship-building can result in repeat business, referrals, and brand advocacy, all of which are essential for long-term success.

2. User Interactive Popups

User interactive popups are a game changer in online marketing. Unlike static popups that simply display information, interactive popups engage with visitors, creating a more personalized and dynamic experience.

These pop-ups can include Spin the Wheel, surveys, or interactive forms that encourage users to actively participate, providing valuable insights and feedback. This two-way communication not only enhances user engagement but also helps businesses tailor their offerings and content to meet the specific needs and preferences of their audience.

This is how World Soccer Shop does It:

World Soccer Shop does this perfectly by presenting a wheel with discounts on it, the customer is likely to spin it and wait in anticipation for what reward they’ll get and then put their email address in for the reward.

On the other hand, interactive form popups are all about customization and gathering specific user information. These popups often present users with a series of questions or options, allowing them to tailor their preferences or select the type of content they want to receive.

By engaging users in this way, businesses can collect data that enables them to deliver more personalized and relevant content, ultimately improving the user experience and increasing conversion rates. Interactive forms also serve as a valuable tool for segmenting your audience, allowing you to target different user groups with content that resonates with their unique needs and interests.

3. % OFF Incentive

Popups offering a discount code are common, but very effective. By offering an incentive to save money, customers will always opt-in to your list, because who wouldn’t want to save money?

Here’s how CONQUERing does it:

They showcase a product image along with a 10% off incentive. They go hand in hand with making visitors interested in their products and offering a discount.

Another thing you can do is make it a 2-step opt-in. You can do this by offering 10% off for their email, and 15% off for their phone number. This not only will make the offer more enticing for the visitor but it will also allow you to start sending SMS.

Moreover, these popups help customers with decision-making. Users can visually assess the product's appearance and assess its importance to their needs, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Pro tip: We've found that using gifs, product photos, and lifestyle images helps convert more visitors since it catches people’s attention.

4. Free Gifts

A compelling gift offer is an art in itself and a highly effective method that has consistently proven to work.

Whether you're in the e-commerce space or not, these strategies will convert visitors into fans.

Here’s How Pagerie Does It:

This approach thrives on the element of surprise. When customers opt-in to your email list, they're not quite sure what bonus item they'll receive, adding an air of excitement to the shopping experience. Mystery gifts pique curiosity and leave customers eagerly awaiting the moment when get to see their surprise.

Consider limiting the gift to the first X amount of customers in order to boost urgency.

By employing strategic tactics that add a sense of scarcity, you can turn your gift into a captivating phenomenon that leaves customers eagerly clamoring for their chance to snag it.

5. Free Shipping

Among the various campaigns at your disposal, the free shipping popup may seem straightforward, but its simplicity doesn't diminish its effectiveness.

This classic promotion has stood the test of time, as a simple strategy that has been working for years.

Here’s how Box’d executes it:

This pop-up has everything done perfectly. They offer free shipping in exchange for your name and email address.

By asking for your name they not only get to build a better relationship with you, but they can also send emails that sound more personal, leading to more sales. 


  • Pop-ups are like virtual store greeters in e-commerce. They enhance the shopping experience, making it more valuable and engaging. Some new business owners criticize pop-ups for being spammy or disrupting the user experience, fearing increased bounce rates.
  • Lead Magnet Pop-ups: Pop-ups grow email lists by collecting addresses and offering rewards for direct communication and help with building a personal connection with the audience.
  • User Interactive Pop-ups: User interactive popups boost engagement with dynamic experiences like games, surveys, and forms, gathering feedback and personalizing content.
  • % OFF Pop-ups: Discount incentive pop-ups offer compelling offers that visitors can’t refuse.
  • Gifts in a Pop-up: The strategy of offering gifts within pop-ups entices customers. It encourages purchases and fosters excitement.
  • Free Shipping Pop-ups: Free shipping pop-ups, while seemingly simple, remain effective by offering a classic promotion that appeals to customers.

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