4 Examples of Effective SMS Opt-In Strategies For E-commerce Brands

Do you know how to create an SMS opt-in strategy?

January 10, 2024

What is SMS Opt-In?

An SMS opt-in is essentially an invitation extended to individuals, either potential new subscribers or existing customers, to join your SMS list.

By opting in, they agree to receive marketing messages, alerts, promotions, or reminders from your company via text messages.

There are three primary types of SMS opt-in methods:

  • Single opt-in: This method involves a person signing up for your SMS list and being instantly added without needing any further confirmation. It's a straightforward process where users provide their phone numbers and immediately start receiving your text messages.
  • Double opt-in: With this approach, individuals express their interest in joining your SMS list. However, instead of being immediately added, they receive a confirmation text message asking them to verify their decision. This additional step serves two purposes: it confirms their intent to join, and it ensures the provided phone number is valid and reachable.
  • Soft opt-in: This method involves inviting your existing contacts, typically through email or another channel, to join your SMS list. Since these contacts are already familiar with your communications, offering them the chance to receive text messages is an extension of your existing relationship. It's an opportunity for them to choose another way to stay updated with your company, providing additional flexibility in communication.

How do you know which method will drive you the best results?!

Single opt-in is quick and easy but may lead to potential issues with incorrect or mistyped numbers…

…Double opt-in ensures higher accuracy and consent but may result in slower list growth due to the additional confirmation step…

And the soft opt-in method is useful for engaging existing contacts who are already receptive to your messages, allowing them to expand their communication preferences.

Ultimately, it comes down to testing these different methods and then focusing on the one with better results!

An example of a single opt-in text message (left) and a double opt-in SMS message (right).

Why is SMS Opt-in Important?

By implementing effective SMS opt-in strategies that make individuals EXCITED and EAGER to join, you can grow a strong list of people who are willing to buy whatever you’re selling!

Remember, When people willingly subscribe, it signifies their interest in your offer, creating a more targeted audience for your marketing messages…

This targeted and DIRECT approach often leads to higher engagement and a LOT more conversions, compared to sending messages to a broader audience that won’t listen.

But there’s a big problem that most businesses face when building effective SMS opt-in strategies…

And that’s compliance.

Why is SMS Opt-in Compliance Important?

Building a strong SMS marketing list is a huge asset for e-commerce brands, but it’s VERY important that the people on your list have signaled they want to be there…

What does that mean?!

It means that the individuals on your list must give clear permission to receive your text messages, as not complying with this could lead to serious issues and fines for your business.

Email compliance is certainly more strict these days than it was ten years ago. But SMS compliance is WAY more strict. 

Mobile carriers operate on unique tech and strive to keep their networks free from spam clutter. 

Also, an SMS inbox holds more personal value compared to an email inbox. Customers highly prefer a spam-free SMS inbox.

By allowing people to opt into your SMS list and offering an easy way out, you establish trust with your subscribers. 

When everyone opts in, you can be sure they're all eager to receive your messages and throw their wallet at you!

How To Be Complaint With SMS Opt-In Rules & Regulations…

We’re not legal experts (and this isn't legal advice), so you should consult with your own independent counsel or legal team before starting any new marketing program. 

The number one requirement for SMS opt-in procedures is clear:

Explicit consent!

It’s required to obtain explicit consent from a new subscriber that they want to receive texts from your company. 

Again, there are fines if you can’t prove consent has been given. Those fines range from $500 to $1500. So in addition to only messaging people who have provided consent, keep a record of when and how people gave that consent.

But anyways, now that you have ALL the information you need in order to build effective SMS opt-in strategies…

It’s time we dive into how you implement this in your e-commerce business!

Website Popups

Website popups may have a reputation for “being annoying”, making you lose traffic, and slowing down your website…

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, website popups are one of, if not the MOST effective way to grow your email list, so why wouldn’t it work for SMS?!

The only reason why some e-commerce websites don’t use popups is because they simply don’t know how to use it properly.

Here’s an example of an effective website pop-up for SMS:

If you want to understand why this popup is so EFFECTIVE and how you can do the same for your own business, check out this blog to learn more: 5 Simple Pop-Ups You Can Use to Convert Visitors Into Customers for Your E-commerce Brand.

Multi-Channel Promotion

If you’re an e-commerce brand with a STRONG and ENGAGED email list, you’re in luck…

Because an email list is by FAR the most effective way to market your SMS list.

When your email subscribers are interested, it's easier to get them excited about receiving texts from you too.

It's like building on a good thing to make it even better, helping you DIRECTLY reach people and taking your retention marketing efforts to the next level!

But don’t stop there. You can also push your SMS list benefits on all your social media platforms. 

For example, throw a special giveaway that’s only exclusive to people who are subscribed to SMS and promote this giveaway on your preferred social media platforms.

You can also feature your SMS list on your website homepage, banners, and other key areas, such as your checkout and thank you pages. 

Those moments are when customers feel their most positive feelings about your company…

So why not offer them a chance to stay in touch via SMS?

Offer an Incentive

The most powerful way to encourage people to join your SMS list is through irresistible incentives!

Providing a special discount, a complimentary gift, an exclusive coupon, or any immediate benefit upon joining can significantly boost sign-ups.

However, it's not just about getting them on the list; it's about keeping them engaged in the long run…

To reduce opt-outs and encourage sustained participation, consider offering annual specials, bonuses for accruing rewards points, or recurring benefits that accumulate over time. 

These ongoing incentives not only attract subscribers initially but also entice them to stay connected and engaged with your brand for the long haul.

Text-to-join Keywords

Making your SMS opt-in process engaging and accessible is key to growing your subscriber base!

Using text-to-join keywords simplifies the subscription process, making it effortless for people to join your SMS list from various promotional platforms.

Moreover, injecting creativity into your text-to-join messages can significantly boost engagement.

Instead of a standard "text JOIN for updates," consider using more exciting and brand-specific phrases like "text SURPRISE to unlock your exclusive discount!".

The more inventive and aligned with your brand voice, the more likely it is to capture attention and encourage sign-ups.

Remember, the goal is to make the opt-in process not only easy but also enticing and aligned with your brand personality.

Creative and unique text-to-join keywords can effectively entice potential subscribers and make your SMS marketing approach more memorable and appealing.

Ready to Build & Implement Effective SMS Opt-In Strategies?!

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SMS Opt-In Methods:

  • Single opt-in: Instant addition to the list without further confirmation.
  • Double opt-in: Confirmation text ensures validity and consent.
  • Soft opt-in: Invites existing contacts to join the SMS list.

Importance of SMS Opt-In:

  • Building a targeted audience interested in your offerings.
  • Higher engagement and conversions compared to broader messaging.

Compliance Importance:

  • Explicit consent is vital to avoid legal issues and fines.
  • SMS compliance is stricter than email, requiring clear permission.

Strategies for Compliance:

  • Obtain explicit consent, and maintain records for compliance.

Opt-In Strategies:

  • Website Popups: Effective for growing lists, similar to email.
  • Multi-Channel Promotion: Leverage engaged email lists to promote SMS.
  • Offer Incentives: Discounts, rewards, and recurring benefits.
  • Text-to-Join Keywords: Engaging phrases simplify the subscription process.

Expert Guidance:

  • Importance of partnering with SMS opt-in experts.
  • Offer for a free consultation to analyze and improve opt-in strategies.